Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many people are in each tour group?

A. During busy season our company does 6 tours a day with approximately 12 people per group.

Q. What if we have more than 12 in our group?

A. It is not uncommon to have a group with more than 12 people and in that case we would combine tour times and your group would have 2 tour guides. Please call for more information.

Q. What time do we need to check in?

A. Please check in 15 minutes before your tour time. We ask that if you plan to borrow tennis shoes or buy our water shoes to please check in 30 minutes before your tour time. Also we recommend that if you have more than 6 people in your party to please check in 30 minutes before your tour time so that we can make sure the tour leaves on schedule.

Q. Will our cars be secure while on this excursion?

A. We are the only kayak company that has a private fenced in property for cars. The gate is closed when employees are not there. We have never had a break in or theft problem at our facility.

Q. Is there an age limit?

A. We take all ages from babies to grandparents, fun for the whole family!

Q. Are pregnant woman allowed to do this tour?

A. We do allow pregnant woman up to 6 months if they have remained active throughout their pregnancy. However, in late pregnancy when trail conditions are muddy we advise against participation in the hiking portion of this tour. We will provide a chair for her to rest in while the rest of the group makes the trek to the falls. The trail is very rugged and can be extremely muddy and slippery. Conditions can change within hours and cannot be accurately predicted. We regret that refunds are not available if you cannot make it to the waterfall.

Q. Can I purchase a gift certificate?

A. Yes, we do offer gift certificates and will send a printable “gift certificate” voucher when you make the reservation.

Q. Is gratuity included?

A. The guide gratuity is not included in the price. If your guide rendered excellent service a tip at the end is always appreciated.

Q. How far in advance do we need to book?

A. Its recommended to book at least a few days in advance for small groups however in the slow season its possible to book the same day. For larger groups we recommend that you reserve a couple weeks in advance to ensure availability.

Q. Is the tour cancelled if it rains?

A. This tour is a “rain or shine” water activity. Kauai is home to one of the wettest places on Earth and the rain is usually welcomed during this activity. In the rare event of flash flood warnings we will call you to cancel the tour without any charges made. We have a 24 hour cancellation and/or rescheduling policy.

Q. What is the cancellation policy?

A. We have a strict 24 hour cancellation/ rescheduling policy in order to retain our low price.

Q. What is the difference between the tour times?

A. A common misconception is that the morning times are better because it is a cooler temperature and less wind. Because this tour is a half day adventure you will experience both the heat of the day and the cool of the day just opposite. For example the 9 am tour will be cool going up and return in the middle of the day around 1:30 and the 1 pm tour will be hot leading up to the falls and cool as you return in the evening. It is true that the wind usually picks up around midday but because it is an eastern wind and there is no current on the river the return paddle has the headwind. The wind is usually light and doesn’t make the downstream paddle any harder than the paddle upstream. All the tour times will experience this wind.

Q. Is this activity suitable for first time kayakers?

A. Yes, many of our customers are first time kayakers. The guide will instruct you on proper paddling techniques in the orientation before the tour begins and they stay towards the back of the group while paddling on the river to offer more detailed paddling instructions if needed.

Q. What class is the river current?

A. The river is a tidal basin, level with the ocean which makes it as calm as a lake. The only “current” that affects you on the water is the wind.

Q. How often do the kayaks tip over?

A. We have specifically chosen a style of kayak that is designed for stability. The triple kayaks are our most stable boat and our single kayaks are our least stable because of the smaller design.

Q. Do you provide life jackets?

A. Every kayak seat is outfitted with a coast guard regulation life jacket, however if you are a non swimmer we provide a ski vest style jacket which are much more comfortable. We provide life vests from size infant to XXL.

Q. What is the weight limit on the kayaks?

A. We have 4 different styles of kayaks: “Triple”- (Maximum capacity 850 pounds / 385.56 kg) This boat can fit 3 full sized adults and can also be rigged with a rear facing fourth seat for a small child making it a quad. “Double+1”- (max capacity 750 pounds / 340.19 kg) This kayak can be used as a double for added leg room and stability or used as a triple for two adults and a small child under 60 lbs. “Double”- (Maximum capacity 600 pounds / 272.16 kg) Fits two average sized adults. “Single”- (Maximum capacity 450 pounds / 204.12 kg) Note: The closer the kayakers weight is to the maximum capacity of the boat the less stable the boat becomes which is why we encourage taking advantage of our larger sized boats.

Q. How strenuous is the hike?

A. The trail conditions change from day to day depending on rainfall in the mountains the night prior to your trip. The muddy conditions are what make the trail challenging; when dry, the trail is considered by some a “walk in the park”. The hike involves slight inclines and declines, a few stream crossings, and uneven terrain with rocks and roots. A portion of the trail was improved beginning of 2015 to include a boardwalk.

Q. What type of footwear is recommended for this activity?

A. We recommend that one footwear is worn for the entire 1/2 day activity; kayaking and hiking. Please wear an athletic shoe or sports sandal such as Keen that fit snugly, provide toe protection and you don’t mind being submerged in water. If “water shoes” are used, make sure they have a drawstring around the ankle and have significant traction. We do sell water shoes on site for $15 brand new and we also have a wide selection of free loaner old tennis shoes. Please do not rely on borrowing shoes as we cannot guarantee we have everyones sizes. Call ahead if you don’t have any other options. Flip flops & crocs are not appropriate and strongly discouraged.

Q. Is there an area to change clothing on the tour?

A. Once the tour has begun there are no changing facilities or restrooms, just mother nature. We recommend that you arrive already wearing your swim suits however upon checkin we do have a changing room available.

Q. What should we wear?

A. We recommend swim suits under light clothing such as t-shirts & shorts, sun protection and footwear as described earlier. In our rainy season its also nice to have a light rain jacket or poncho.

Q. What should we bring?

A. Be prepared for sun exposure while kayaking with hats, sunscreen & sunglasses. Mosquito repellent for the hike. We will provide dry bags for your cameras and towels (we recommend 1 towel per 2 people), and we provide coolers for your drinks and snacks. Keep in mind that your gear is not left with the kayak so pack light as you will be hiking with all of your gear.

Q. Are there mosquitos?

A. Its advised to bring eco-friendly mosquito repellent if mosquitos normally bother you. There are no mosquitos on the kayaking portion so wait to apply the repellent until you start the hike. We do sell an organic bug repellent upon check in for $10. On average in a full tour of 12 people only a couple people will notice mosquitos on the trail.

Q. Do you provide food and/or beverages?

A. With our low rate we provide coolers and dry bags however food and beverages are “BYO”, (Bring Your Own). We do sell water and snack bars on site upon check in. There is also a bakery that makes excellent sandwiches 100 yards from our location (Passion Bakery: 808-821-0060), please call in your order and pick up lunch before arriving for your kayak tour.

Q. How big are the bags you provide for our gear?

A. The dry bags are the size of a medium backpack and can be carried on your back while hiking. We have a few different sized cooler bags ranging from a square foot with a shoulder strap to the largest being a medium backpack.

Q. Will the dry bag keep my digital camera safe?

A. When sealed properly and you do not put any liquids in your dry bag such a water bottles, the dry bags are 100% air and water tight. You guide will instruct you on proper use of the bags.

Q. Is there a place to rinse off after the tour?

A. We are the only kayak company which offers a changing room and shower facility on site with shampoo and soap provided free of charge.

Q. What is the Cruise Ship Transportation option?

The cruise ship option is for kayakers arriving on Kauai via cruise ship. If your party is 5 or less, a taxi would be your better choice. For groups greater than 5 people, choose the cruise ship option which is $80 round trip for your group of 15 people or less. Contact us at [email protected]


If you have any other questions, please send Pete an email to

[email protected] or give us a call at (808) 822-3388.