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Family-Owned and Operated

Kayak Wailua is operated by a family of five. Mom and Dad have lived in Wailua since 1974 and reside in a plantation-style home right on the north bank of the Wailua River. The three kids grew up water skiing and kayaking on the Wailua River. Now they are among the knowledgable guides who share their playground with visitors from all around the world.

Kayak Wailua started small, opening in 1997 as a kayak rental company on a small lot along the Wailua River. In 2002, our company changed to a guided tour company offering four tours daily, and we gradually worked our way up to offering six tours daily.

Once located half a mile from the river under the eves of the Shell gas station, we now have a private fenced-in lot 200 feet inland from our former location. We offer the best equipment, most friendly and knowledgeable guides, lowest prices, and unparalleled service. The river is our life, from play to work. Come join us for a half-day full of fun!